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Adoption of the proposals for new echocardiographic tests and related costs

This item has been amended by the discussion on price of echocardiographic procedures and Prof. Šeparović has read the letter by the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO) requesting the opinion on determined price of echocardiographic procedures. She said that the procedures with time and personnel standards have not been amended since 1992. The proposal for a new basic price of echocardiographic test has been explained by the overall study that also shows an unreasonable and unprofessional exclusion of one-dimensional image and all other procedures not covered by the price for echocardiography determined by the HZZO. The request for new tests has been put on hold by the time the HZZO submits the response with regard to the basic examination.


Report from the EAE meeting

Prof. Šeparović has presented the report from the meeting of national representatives of the European Association of Echocardiography (EAE). The main topics were: 1) New techniques: Strain, 3D and contrast; 2) Process of restructuring "Association of Cardiac Imaging"; 3) The Club of persons under 35 years of age. The entire report has been publicized on the website and in the journal Kardio list for May-June 2011.

There is an open issue regarding the inclusion of all cardiac imaging methods within the Working Group (WG) following the initial development of EAE. The common opinion is that cardiologists must be involved in all imaging methods in cardiology and actively participate in selection of methods and interpretation of results within the clinical problem as to improve and rationalize diagnostics by applying the comprehensive approach.

Prof. Šeparović has later informed that the meeting with Dr. M. Jukić with the topic on inclusion of CT coronarography in the integrated approach with imaging methods has started according to the process initiated within EAE. Taking the recognized joint goals into account, the proposal was made to rename the WG as to incorporate some other methods in its name which will be discussed at the new meeting of the Nucleus.

Eventually, she has informed the attendees of the newly established club of persons under 35 years of age within EAE. The proposal for selection of young residents in cardiology showing interest in echocardiography in all institutions has been made and adopted followed by the establishment of the Club within the WG.


CroEcho 2011

The work presented at the meeting and the website of the meeting.


Website of the WG

Head Doctor Ivanuša has informed the attendees that the website has been prepared and that all proposals made at the previous meeting and subsequent finalization have been entered. The present members have been called to review the site that was opened on that day and send their comments and proposals.


Individual accreditations

According to conclusions reached at the previous meeting, the process of national accreditation for individual accreditations in transthoracic echocardiography was initiated. The accreditation process consists of two parts: a written exam in theoretic knowledge and thereafter (following the passed exam) a practical part guided by a mentor and the opinion by the Nucleus. The decision has been made that an exam in theoretic knowledge is to be organized once a year and this year it would be organized one month after the CroEcho 2011 (November 2011). The accreditation is recognized for the members who passed the EAE accreditation with the attached application.

The WG members who have been dedicated to excellence in echocardiography, who are the cardiologists and who have been performing echocardiography for more than five years and wish to be accredited, submit an application to the Nucleus that makes an opinion on that.

The Nucleus has discussed the submitted applications and approved the accreditation in transthoracic echocardiography to the following members: Prof. dr. N. Drinković. Prof. dr. J. Mirat, Prof. dr. A. Šmalcelj, Doc. dr. D. Delić-Brkljačić, Prim. dr. D. Planinc, Prim. dr. V. Brida, Prim. dr. M. Ivanuša, Prof. dr. Šeparović Hanževački.

Prof. Mirat has suggested that the subspecialization in non-invasive cardiac imaging methods should be taken into consideration.

Prof. Šeparović has put forward the EAE conditions for the laboratory accreditation: the number of examinations, technical prerequisites, individual accreditations, equipment, list of orders for examination provided that an interval between them should be longer than 30 minutes.

The conclusion was that the practical part of the accreditation conditions should be detailed at the next meeting.

Prof. Šeparović has given the proposal for accreditation of echocardiography technician after 5 years of education guided by the mentor-cardiologist with defined acquired knowledge and skills.

The application for the recognition of education for echocardiography technician has been submitted by:

Dubravka Memić, RN (guided by Prof. Dr. J. Šeparović-Hanževački since 1990), Sanja Ceković, RN (guided by Prof. Dr. N. Drinković since 1991), Sandra Večerić, RN (guided by Prof. Dr. J. Šeparović-Hanževački since 2004). After having obtained an insight into the submitted applications with attachments of acquired knowledge and skills and the number of mastered skills, all the three applications have been approved.

Head Doctor Ivanuša has suggested that the representative of technicians should be included in the WG work and Nucleus work when the issues regarding their profession are decided upon.



Based on the conclusions reached at the previous meeting Ass. Prof. D. Delić-Brkljačić PhD has proposed Dr. Bulj to be the member of the Nucleus WG which and the proposal has been accepted. Prof. Šeparović has proposed that Dr. Krstačić in a caapacity of the Head of the WG for Computers in Cardiology should be involved in the Nucleus and this proposal has also been accepted.

The meeting ended at 15:35 o'clock.

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