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logoCroEchoVlatka Rešković Lukšić,, Jadranka Šeparović Hanževački

Dr Vlatka Rešković Lukšić, Prof Jadranka Šeparović Hanževački
For several years, Croatia has been recognized as an equal member of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). This was confirmed by numerous activities of our Working Group at the national and European level over the past year.

As in Europe, we have also recognized the importance of comprehensive, complex, and multi-modality imaging due to the increasingly demanding needs of complex heart pathology we are faced with today. In parallel with the development of technology, a more and more complex approach to the analysis of heart morphology and hemodynamics is being developed, providing unprecedented possibilities for imaging and hemodynamic calculations. However, these procedures require the engagement of highly educated specialist/subspecialists for the analysis of archived images and data, which can last from a minimum of 30 minutes to as much as several hours…

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