Working Group Nucleus Meeting for Echocardiography of the Croatian Cardiac Society of 11 July 2011 Print E-mail

 I. Applications by the members of the Working Group for sponsorship at CroEcho 2011.

The applications by the members for financial aid for the attendance at the expert symposium CroEcho were presented. The financial aid was asked by: Dr. Hadžibegović, Dr. Đurijanček, Dr. Šporčić-Jelić, Dr. M. Čikeš, Dr. Ramqaj, Dr. Šram, Prof. Dr. Vincelj, Dr. Manola. It was concluded that the above members would be provided with financial aid if the funds were raised from donations.

II. CroEcho 2011 – Organizational Board Report

Ass. Prof. Peršić gave a presentation of what had been done so far regarding the organization of the congress. Younger colleagues from all echocardiographic centers were called to help with the practical part of the course. The preliminary program of CroEcho, not only of symposium, but also echocardiography course was presented. During the Congress, the meeting of the WG for Echocardiography will be held as well.

Prof. Fabijanić proposed that the following lecture should be given: Non-compaction cardiomyopathy within Puzzle.

III. National accreditation – practical and theoretic part, applications, diplomas

Prof. Šeparović Hanževački called the members that had not submitted applications to submit applications, so that they could be decided upon at the next meetings.

Dr. Šutalo asked whether the possession of accreditation would be essential for the performance of tests. Prof. Šeparović Hanževački repeated that at this point there is no legal obligation, but some EU countries already have introduced it.

Accreditation will consist of two parts: practical and theoretical part. The theoretical part would be performed as written part of the exam that should be implemented this year. It was agreed that every lecturer would make five questions from his/her lecture.

Dr. Bulj, Dr. Ivanuša, Prof. Fabijanić, Dr. Šutalo and Ass. Prof. Božić will be responsible for the implementation of the theoretical part of the exam that should be implemented by the end of the year.

The preliminary term is on 25 November 2011.

The applications for accreditation have been submitted by Prof. Vincelj, Ass. Prof. Peršić Ass. Prof. Ružić and Dr. Krstačić. A positive opinion by the Nucleus regarding accreditation for the above members has been issued.

IV. Internet site of CroEcho

Dr. Ivanuša, presented the work of the website and a number of opening of every subpage.

V. Miscellaneous

Prof. Šeparović Hanževački submitted a report on currently existing cost estimates in Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.

The conclusion of the Nucleus is that we should insist on detailed division of echocardiographic tests.

It was agreed that Prof. Šeparović Hanževački, Ass. Prof. Peršić and Prof. Vincelj should start further negotiations with the Accreditation Agency.

It was decided that the echocardiography national accreditation would be followed by the laboratory accreditation which will decide which institutions are able to perform such complex echocardiographic tests.

The meeting ended at 17.35h o'clock.

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