Working Group Nucleus Meeting for Echocardiography of the Croatian Cardiac Society of 19 September 2011 Print E-mail

I. National accreditation - applications

With the today's meeting, the recognition of accreditations awarded to experts in transthoracic echocardiography, including the members of the nucleus has been concluded. The applications by the below physicians have been examined and approved: Prof. Dr. A. Ernst, Prof. Dr. A. Matana, Prof. Dr. V. Nikolić Heitzler, Dr.S. Kranjčević, Prof. Dr. D. Fabijanić, Dr. Tršinski, Dr. K. Šutalo, Dr. D. Žagar, Ass. Prof. Dr. I. Božić. Any further cases may be discussed at the Nucleus.

II. National accreditation – theoretical part

Dr. Ivanuša and Dr. Ivanac are in charge of designing the theoretical and practical part of the exam for the national accreditation in transthoracic echocardiography.

The term for the theoretical exam is 25 November 2011 in the premises of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. Applications for the exam will be received through website. Applicants will be assigned an identification number which will ensure confidentiality and objectivity of the examiners till the end of the exam.

Dr. Ivanuša suggested that every applicant, prior to filing the application, should receive a reference from his/her mentor, which confirms that the applicant has mastered the required theoretical education. This proposal was accepted. A mentor can only be the person who is the accredited member of the Nucleus. This was followed by the discussion on the conditions of application and technical details of the implementation of the written exam.

It was concluded that the conditions for taking the exam are the following: the applicant should be a subspecialist cardiologist or person who has subspecialized in cardiology or internal medicine who has actively working in cardiology for 10 years accompanied by the confirmation by the mentor. The exam will be charged and the price will be HRK 1,000. The number of applicants in one term is limited to a maximum of 20 persons due to technical conditions.

Each member of the Nucleus undertakes to prepare a certain number of questions in the area that are missing at the course or the lecturers do not come from Croatia, and questions that can show what applicants have practical knowledge. The deadline for submission of the questions is 10 October 2011.

The below persons are in charge of implementation and control for the first examination term: Dr. Ivanuša, Dr. Ivanac, Dr. Šutalo, Prof. Šeparović Hanževački.

III. National accreditation – practical part

Dr. Ivanac has presented conditions and accreditation program that is being implemented by the European Association of Echocardiography. Following the discussion, it was agreed that the practical part of the exam was to be implemented within a period of one year guided by a mentor and during that time an applicant should independently perform and interpret 200 transthoracic echocardiographic tests and provide the Board with written and image documentation:

- 200 echocardiographic examinations without visible first and last name of examinee and with no signature;
- image of one normal echocardiographic test in digital format;
- images of the following pathological findings:

  1. of ischemic heart disease with all the images of systolic function and reading of the findings.
  2. mitral regurgitation,
  3. aortic stenosis,
  4. aortic regurgitation +
  5. optional

(the contents of every pathological finding will be separately detailed in the instructions).

IV. CroEcho 2011 – Organizational Board Report

Prof. Šeparović Hanževački has on behalf of the Organizational Board presented preliminary program and performance of image gymnastics.

We should design a list of time sequences of image workshop where lecturers will participate according to schedule and according to thematic contents on that day at the course.

It was agreed that two best abstracts would be selected, one of them in the category of young authors up to age of 35 and the other one among other persons. For that purpose, appropriate rewards will be awarded.

V. Website of the Work Group

Dr. Ivanuša has presented the work of the website

Minor changes to the menu page under the accreditation have been presented, new contents have been agreed upon, the registered members have been reviewed, memberships waiting for verification have been approved and other information of CroEcho has been presented. The data on acceptance of all subpages has been reviewed concluding that the visit to the website is good and that all contents are read.

VI. Miscellaneous

Prof. Šeparović Hanževački has asked the representative of the regions to write a brief overview of the echocardiography in their area. The review should, inter alia, contain the information on institutions, equipment, personnel, laboratories, (method and organization of work) and relevant data on the quality of implementation of echocardiography.

The meeting ended at 16.55h o'clock.

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